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Towel Day - Don't Panic

Welcome to!

I am Brian D. Lisle, and this is the web site for our branch of the Lisle Family.

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Update Log:

01/01/2014 - Happy New Year! Changed the design of the site and went through and updated bits and pieces here and there.

05/22/2012 - Some minor cosmetic fixes and keyword updating - the website needed to rank a little higher in the search engines.

12/01/2011 - Haven't updated in a long time, so it was time.  Total re-do of the whole site and changed over to a CMS (Content Management System) platform.

01/15/2011 - Took off of the mirroring, and it is now a separate site again.

Old update log: (from the old site)

10/04/2008 - About time for some fixes.  Also added to the "In Memory of" page for my cat, Stormy.

01/22/2004 - Fixed the Local Weather page - it now shows proper information.  Added the commercial links area on the links page.

01/13/2004 - A new web server for!  Switched over the whole and web site to the new web server.

05/19/2002 - Activated mirror site, fixed the weather page to include the navigational bars.

03/31/2002 - Happy Easter! Added a newer picture of me (Brian D. Lisle), and a new picture page for my new niece, Athena!

03/04/2002 - Just a few cosmetic fixes...

01/16/2002 - Please help us remember our dearly departed Grandmother, June Waide by visiting our memorial page.

10/09/2001 - More photos! A slight tour of the house, and a pair of pics from the summer Buffett tour.

07/21/2001 - Expanded the photo gallery again - adding pictures from vacation, camping and the Jimmy Buffett appearance in New York City.

06/29/2001 - Redesigned the photo album into a photo gallery - added a few more pictures.  Also seems I accidentally reset the hit counter.  (Oh well, it only had a little over 700 hits anyhow.)  Changed most of the fonts - things were starting to seem a bit plain. Not anymore!

06/16/2001 - Added a new picture or two (ok, two it is...)

01/05/2001 - Please help us remember our dearly departed mother-in-law, Harriet Chirigos by visiting our memorial page here.

08/16/2000 - What happened to my new Jeep?  Check out the pictures!

12/06/2000 - Added a couple of new pictures here.  Also changed the underlying design on the site and added a guest book.




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