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Penny Poppinga
Penny Poppenga

November 04, 1957 - January 20, 2024


I decided to follow after my mother and write my own story. After three brothers, I was born to Robert C. Hopkins and Betty P (Lisle) Hopkins on November 4th, 1957. At that time my parents lived in Wilder, Idaho, but moved to the Ten Davis area outside of Parma, Idaho, when I was one. Our home was small, and I was told that I slept in a dresser drawer for my first several months. This was our family home and farm until my parents’ deaths, respectively in 2020 and 2021. I graduated from Parma High School in 1976 and formed some of the richest, closest friendships that I still have today with my classmates. My life is filled with wonderful memories of our school years together. Kate, Peg Louise, Marianne, Laura, Teresa, Denise ~ I love you all dearly and I ‘m glad the statute of limitations has run out on some of our adventures. I continued my education with my first year of college at Weber State. In 1977, I turned my life over to the Lord and felt led to attend Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon, where I graduated in 1980. At Multnomah, in addition to deepening my relationship with Jesus, I began lifelong relationships with some of my closest and dearest friends and their spouses to this day. Tina, Joan, Sue, John and Mark. You are loved more than I could ever express. Thank you for filling my life with so much joy, laughter and spiritual truth over the years.

I moved back to Parma after graduation and worked with my mom and dad at their floral shop. I started attending meetings at Boise State University for Campus Crusade for Christ and in 1982, I decided to join the staff of CRU based out of San Bernardino, CA, and had a ministry with college students. It was there I met my best friend and the love of my life, David Poppinga. We were married March 18, 1989, and continued to serve in San Bernardino until 1991 when we moved to Nyssa, OR. Though separated now by miles, our lives were again filled with lifelong friendships from those years in California.

Once settled in Nyssa, we took over the flower shop from my parents on January 1, 1992. We have been privileged to serve this wonderful valley for 31 years ~ delivering flowers and being a part of so many amazing life events! We have countless stories of our time owning Nyssa Floral and how blessed we were to live in Nyssa serving the surrounding communities. We had amazing, unbelievable help from our friends and family over the years. They did their work as a service to the Lord, and we all had a blast. As my health declined, the Lord once again supported us and provided buyers for the shop and we sold it just this last December.

Dave and I have had almost 35 years of serving the Lord and traveling this world together. I can’t imagine how my life could have been any richer or fuller. If you haven’t noticed, God has filled my life with an amazing family and deep, close friendships over the years and I cherish every one of them: Earnie & Kathy, Don & Jan, Mark & Joan, Todd & Jessi, Bill & Mary, Rich & Lindy, Pat & Kathy, Doug & Cindy, David & Michele, Eric & Tina, John & Kathy, Rick & Lori ~ oh what glorious times we’ve had. The memories and sweet, sweet laughter we have shared! I want to tell you also, that I have so loved all my aunts, uncles, cousins and their spouses on both sides of my family. Every occasion, again, filled my life with much joy and laughter. So many wonderful memories.

Finally, I wanted to mention my love and deep appreciation for my Deer Flat Church Family. The friendships, love and support over the years have been such a huge encouragement to me and Dave, especially during these past few years.

I have battled breast cancer for 2 ½ years. As I write this, it has run its course, and I am getting closer to being on my way to the place our Heavenly Father has prepared for me. I love my brothers and their families beyond measure, all my nephews and nieces and the children of our friends have been the family Dave and I were never able to have. My life is overflowing with all the wonderful memories with them. I have prayed for years that all my family and friends may come to have a personal relationship with Jesus, my Lord, and know Him the way I do. If my life hasn’t brought you to that saving knowledge, then I pray my death and your memories of me will do that. I can’t wait to greet you all and party in Heaven.

Penny is survived by her loving and devoted husband David Poppinga, her brothers and their spouses Robert (Bobby) and Marcia Hopkins of Parma, ID, James (Jimmy) and Elizabeth Hopkins of Gresham, OR, Danny and Deb Hopkins of Adrian, OR, her brother-in-law Jim Poppinga of Melcher-Dallas, IA, and her sister-in- law and husband Kathy and Dan Ripperger of Indianola, IA, plus many adoring nieces and nephews.

Penny’s viewing will be held on February 1st from 3-5 pm at Dakin Funeral Chapel ~ 504 S Kimball Ave Caldwell, ID
Interment will be held at 9 am on February 2nd at Lower Boise Cemetery Parma, ID
A Celebration of Life will follow at 11 am at Deer Flat Church ~ 17703 Beet Road, Caldwell, ID

 From Brian Hopkins, via Facebook:

Hi dear family and friends. I hope that this finds you all well, and I pray that everything is prospering with you all and that you are in good health and especially prospering spiritually (3 John 1:2). I wanted to share the eulogy (see attached) that I gave at Penny’s Celebration of Life service earlier this month. Hard to believe it was nearly a month ago now. As I painted a portrait of my precious aunt Penny with words, extolling her many virtues, may it help bring you all healing, comfort, and joy. May Penny’s memory and legacy always be a blessing. Much love to you all. Greetings and blessings from Arizona.




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