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Scattered Clouds

67 °F
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Chance of Rain (51  66 °F)

Partly Cloudy (46  71 °F)

Clear (42  72 °F)

Clear (38  63 °F)

Towel Day - Don't Panic

Our Family Interests



I just love to travel! Even if it's only down state to a Geocaching event or to a Hamfest, let's get in the car and go!


The GPS scavenger hunt - see what it's all about at!


With my trailer, I'll go camping anywhere! (Mostly back to CT for the GeoJamboree event!)


Yeah, I have a few of these... It's what I do, so that helps...

Amateur Radio

See my web links page for links to my Amateur Radio sites. What a great hobby - when all else fails, Amateur Radio works!

Website Design

Designing and maintaining not only this site, but a few other family-related sites is just my way of sharing a bit of myself with my friends and family.


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